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Well, well I do not know where to begin today. First off yesterday I took Shiloh and Doug out to eat for lunch. The place was packed. Before we got order our food Shiloh had to go potty. We got up to go and Doug puked all over the restaurant, me and Shiloh. We went to the rest room and got all cleaned up. While we were waiting for our food my "buddy" came in for just a second and I waved to him but I don't think he saw me so I'm not obsessing over it. It took no less than 2 hours for us to get 2 grilled cheeses with fries and 2 chocolate milks and an ice tea for me. I am not even kidding. Then to top the whole wonderful experience off, I get the check and it is $19.41!! I could not believe it. I didn't have enough money on me so I just about had a panic attack right there. Thankfully one of my friends was there and I was able to borrow $5 from them. What a nightmare.

Meanwhile Brandon was out trying to get our motor home ready to sell and he had called and said he was going to send his brother over to get them something to drink. 3 hours go by and I hear nothing from them. I knew the other day they had been dumping gas in the carburetor to get it started (jackasses). I thought for sure that they had done that again and they had both blown up. I was freaking out!! I called my mother-in-law and asked her if she had heard anything and I told her what I thought they were doing. She called Brandon to see what was going on and he called me to let me know he was ok. I yelled at him for scaring me like that and then broke down and cried like a little baby. For the rest of the day I was so emotional. I just kept breaking down and crying over nothing all day. I don't know if its because I might be getting my period soon or if its the Lamictal. I am on 75mg now. Will start 100mg on Monday I think.

Doug has horrible diaper rash. That with the fact that he puked yesterday and he has had nasty diapers lately, I think he is allergic to the store brand kool-aid. We got sugar free because Shiloh is out of control on sugar and I think it might be whatever they use to substitute the sugar. Ugh.

In court news, the judge granted Art (Doug's "father") the extension to continue on the inactive calendar. I know a lot of people who don't know the whole story think that he deserves visitation because he is his biological father but I have my own reasons why I just want him to stay away.

I'll probably find something else to dramatize later. Maybe share the Art story if I feel like getting angry. :)
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